quarta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2013

Analytics from SAP....

....uma interessante matéria de um blog da SAP sobre a aplicabilidade da metodologia SUCCESS em projetos de Business Intelligence (BI):

Visualization Standards Improve Business Intelligence Project Success

October 22, 2013 by Analytics Blog Contributor

by Anita Gibbings, Director, BI Product Marketing, SAP

....Convey Information Clearly with Collective Insight for Faster More Accurate Decisions
There are additional benefits when an entire company standardizes around one set of visualization rules – it creates alignment along measures (sales, costs), dimensions (regions, time), analyses (average, rank), and others. Each measure has a common definition at the corporate level, and by using a common set of visualization standards, users throughout the company will learn to recognize and grasp the meaning very quickly.
Sales will look the same no matter which country, which division, or which year. It’s like a piece of  sheet music. The notes for each song are unique (as is every company’s numbers), but music sheets can be read easily by anyone with training since it’s laid out by certain rules. You can’t change the number of lines on the staff or invent new ways of showing one beat or four beat notes.
Likewise, conveying information clearly across an organization through a standard language drives faster, more accurate, and profitable decisions....