segunda-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2018

And here are the good news: IBCS goes mainstream

The first good news is that SAP Analytics Cloud is now IBCS/Hichert certified.

For those interested in applying visualization standards in their reports SAP offers now within their Analytics Cloud IBCS compliant charts.

It is no longer necessary to use third party tools within your SAP environment in order to produce highly sophisticated reports and dashboards.
For more information see the article of Blaž Zabukovec (ž-zabukovec/) the official SAP announcement

The second good news comes from ZebraBI which now offers a visuals add-on for Microsoft PowerBI. The fast growing PowerBI community can now use sophisticated IBCS-charts for reporting and dashboard design. As can be seen on a recently held Webinar ( ZebraBI custom visuals do a great job in accelerated dashboard design.
For more information see